Sweatering Thru Lunch

It's been a busy morning. As you can see, some things have changed around here. What hasn't changed is my regular double-decker PB&J that I have for lunch almost every day. The double-decker technique (BREAD - jelly - peanut butter - BREAD - peanut butter - jelly - BREAD) was perfected long ago at the Gainesville, GA Super 8 Motel and results in the ideal balance of fillings:breads. I've been bringing this for lunch for about 4 years now. That sounds boring and childlike I guess, but I still look forward to my sandwich (and a yoghurt, and sometimes a fruit of some type) everyday. So I don't see any reason to change my routine just yet.

The Sweater: another in my series of blue v-necks.


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Jobonga said...

Have you tried triple decker grilled cheese? I haven't but I want to. I think you could get really creative with mustard combinations.