Madison Metro Transit

12:30 AM: Walkout of Montmartre. Hit the Capital.
12:33 AM: "Where are you taking this auto[mo]bile?", Katie said. "Not vary [very] far", said the driver. "Perfect!", said Whitney. Where to? Down the street. Don't mind the MickieD wrappers. Are you a fan of the MD? Yeah well, I really like the $1 chicken sandwich! I like the chick fillet [fish sandwich]. Oh, can we get out here now?

Round 2:
"Where are you going?", "Over by Camp Randall", "Hop in."

[It turns out this guy was going to the East Side. And he had a tire in his back seat. But he still gave us a ride home. And he had the best music of the night. Which he blasted as soon as we got in the car.]

I will never call a cab again as long as I live in the midwest.

[Throwing it Old Skool, and bringin' the random rides to the MSN.]

P.s. Joanna, we had more fun than you. But we would have had more fun with you.


Alex said...

Was it Union Cab or Badger Cab?

wb said...

No. It was not a cab. That's the whole point.

Alex said...

That's not clear at all.