Tommy, Your Pants are Ready.

Early on in our relationship Tommy saw me sew a button back onto a shirt of mine. This was during the hallowed days of 420 W. Gorham, so there was probably a Kings of Leon album playing in the background. Also, there's roughly a 45% chance that Rishi was cooking fish in the kitchen and Alex was either on the phone with his crazy ex-girlfriend or on the phone talking about his crazy ex-girlfriend. Anyway, this seems to have turned me into the guy who knows how to sew. Or, alternatively, Tommy's personal seamstress seamster. Over the years I've worked on a number of projects for him, including a jacket of which I'm particularly proud. The latest being these jeans, which had worn out in the "sensitive area".

As you can see I am no master sewer [watch your pronunciation here], but more of a utilitarian one. Besides, I'm better known for my dog covers.

On a related note, is the fact that I mend another man's clothes something I shouldn't share with the world?


tommy said...

thank you.
Dinner's at 6:30, hun.

tommy said...

Um, I mean, I'll be having my dinner at 6:30, bitch.

Alex said...

For an update of the good 'ole days, the ex-gf got married in Dec to some 34 year old French guy and called me to gloat.

She told me that his best quality was that he could stand her. Sounds like a good match to me.

Alex said...

OMG. A new blog look. I like it.