3/4 of a pair of socks


1a. Socks: Jobonga in particular may recognize this pair as her camera is currently sheathed in the top 4 inches of one of them. That has not stopped me from incorporating them into my regular rotation.

1b. Sock: I'm in the mood to sock the person who brought up TubGirl in conversation yesterday. I do not recommend clicking that link.

2. My love for everything Lil' Mama has continued to grow.

3. I have recently joined a new Facebook group.
--> 3 kidneys*
--> 2 hearts
--> 1 love.

4. This afternoon we were in attendance for the New Berlin - Eisenhower victory in the WIAA boys basketball division 2 championship game. Go Lions. The Adams-Friendship Green Devils couldn't handle the multitude of 3 pointers from #13. This had two significant effects. It made #44 cry, which was broadcast on the Jumbo-Tron for the whole Kohl center to witness up close, and very personally. Second, with 6 minutes left to play and A-F down by only 8 points, their coach had visibly given up all hope. I was depressed for the Green Devils, and I was rooting against them. This doesn't seem like good coaching strategy. I'm planning on a starting a petition to get him fired.

5. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2356412&page=1&id=8609115

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DarcyM said...

why even bother putting up the link? no one should be looking at stuff like that. i got a glimpse of some human material and I quickly shielded my eyes before I could burn any images into my retinas.