What I learned over the weekend:

1. Dickeysville, WI has a grotto dedicated to Jesus, Mary, and America.
2. The academic elite of Dubuque, IA attend Loras College, not Dubuque University or Emmaus Bible.
3. A cheese sandwich at George's really is just a cheese sandwich. But on a bun. With stuff. It is not a euphemism for a burger though.
4. The Amana Colonies are neither Amish, Mennonite, nor really colonies any more. They do have a brewery, a wool factory that specializes in Senior Fashion, a Schnitzelbank, and lots of swings.
5. Veronica Mars is a compilation of unresolved plot lines, whispered meaniful statments, short glimpses of important documents, unexplained sexual innuendo, and witty comebacks that demands your full attention.

6. Iowa City was once the capital of Iowa. For like 3 days.
7. Walk-o Tacos are only served on weekdays.

Iowa City in photos

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11frogs said...

And the name of the mascot for the Catholic grade school in Dickeyville was the Trojans. F'real. We played basketball against them in grade school.