Oh, hello .blogworld, I didn't see you there. I've been busy eating eggs all week. On Monday, Joanna and I ate these two eggs over pizza at Pizza Brutta. The green Chevy coup would be released from the mechanic in a matter of hours, until then we enjoyed our unexpected day together over gray yolks and homemade soda mixes.

On Tuesday I brought this little green beauty with me for lunch, which, per usual, I ate at my desk while doing the crossword. Immediately preceding eating this egg I spent 95 minutes in a meeting talking about the phonological inventories of baby Hmongs. The egg was much more eggciting, and its yolk was much less grey than Monday's eggs.

Wednesday lunch found me back at my desk at lab with another green egg. This one loudly proclaimed "BANG!", in homage to Status Quo from America's Best Dance Crew. If you haven't watched this show you've missed some seriouzly hard dance, the always prescient commentary of Lil Mama, and some outrageously inappropriate video effects.

I briefly contemplated the vast agro-industrial complex that had yielded to me this non-free range egg, before enjoying the little baby chicken embryo inside.

Thursday's egg [not pictured] was eaten during my office hours in the linguistics department. I was interrupted mid-egg by a student confused by α-notation. I'm still unsure of the proper etiquette for this situation. Should I finish my egg before talking to you, or leave my partially eaten speckled egg sitting on the desk while we talk linguistics? I chose the later.

Friday's egg was my Lady Rapper Egg, subtley emblazoned with my moniker "Morning Glory Wood". I ate this egg while contemplating the ellusive El Dorado of Lady Rapper-hood: the Lady Flip. Joanna, Darcy, have you been practicing?

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Baby Hmongs...BANG!!