Gem Sweater Thursday (Rehash)

This week's Sweater Thursday was truly a jumentous momentous event. I wish I had been able to write this post yesterday, and document it better. Neither of those things happened, but this is what did: (The following story is true. None of the names have been changed to protect anyone's privacy.)

In preparation for Girls Gone Wild Madison 2008 Joanna and I were talking on the Phone Wednesday night. She brought up the fact that if we were going to be in Iowa City this weekend again we would have to go see Leslie and The Lys, (a.k.a. the Gem Sweater Girl). Leslie, of Leslie and the Lys, is a Lady Rapper out of Ames, Iowa. She is dedicated to documenting, caring for, and promoting that which is The Gem Sweater. We weren't going to be in Iowa City though, we were going to be in Madison, WI (see above event name RE: GGWM 2008). After doing a little research (of the youTube, myspace, and google variety) I was fascinated. It was then that I came upon her tour schedule. I immediately realized that her scheduled performance at The High Noon Saloon, in Madison, on Sweater Thursday was a sign. From the Sweater Gods. I quickly informed Joanna of this, and there was much celebration.

Thursday night there was much preparation for our date with The Gem Sweater. Darcy and Joanna donned sparkly things and brightly colored tights, I put on a colorful tie (from my collection of Ties I Have Known, That Are Ugly), and blog posts were put off so that they could include the Day's Featured Event. At this point we made our one and only mistake of the evening; despite talking about who was bringing a camera, both Joanna and I managed to leave my apartment without one.

Unfortunately for you, there are no words that adequately describe Leslie and the Lys' live show. It was everything we were hoping for and much more. It is disappointing that there are no pictures of us from that night. This is a recreation of my outfit taken the following morning:

[Rizzo is always up for a good time; Kermit is usually passed out somewhere]

And this was our late night snack upon arriving home. I have recently received both my Mustard of the Month Club and my Cheese of the Month Club shipments. As you can see, they compliment each other very nicely. The morbier in particular had a delicious rind; earthy and buttery, with a hint of clovery freshness.


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