German(s) is(are) Funny

I was just on the pooper catching up on my TIME reading (it's my preferred pooping reading material) when my normally staid browsing was interrupted by: 

I went to get my car washed. In Germany, you drive through a tunnel, and there's water coming from all sides. I was sitting in my car, and I said, "Yes! This is the idea! I will try this with a condom."

Of course it was a German exclaiming this. While explaining how he had come upon the idea for spray on condoms. This interview with Jan Krause would probably be amusing in English, but in German it's hilarious. So is his official title: Kondomberater, which I think comes out to something like Condom Advisor. 

Doesn't that spray job look fun? Just makes you feel like having some sex. Some drippy yellow sex.

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