Maine Menu

You've probably already seen pictures, and maybe pictures, of the latest Barnebey (and Friends) Vacation. The '08 event was located in Maine and featured a week of Ethnic Eating Events (EEEs) as well as The Barnebey Family Olympics on Friday. Despite getting egg on my face, the Olympics were a good time. Except for the Speed Scrabble event, which is my least favorite variety of Scrabble. That was a terrible experience.

What we're really most proud of though is the menu:


Jobonga said...

Huevos Rancheros were a big hit on my current vacation. Even the babies had seconds. I am going to blow up that picture of me in your mom in the double kayak event and hang it on my wall. I started LOLing on the airplane just thinking about it.

wb said...

My mom would say that they're really huevos motuleƱos. I don't know why. But sometimes she gets angry and starts accusing people of cheating, so watch it.

Polly said...

Good for people to know.