The Postman; Who Knows How Many Times He'll Knock

Ye Olde United States Postal Service and I have always had a somewhat hot and cold relationship. Luckily for them I'm a sucker for stamps and really like to mail things. I mean the actual mailing action, like putting envelopes or postcards(!) into mailboxes. I like it. Also, the little socialist in me likes a diktatorial national institution. The downside is that sometimes they deliberately try to keep you from getting your mail. For instance:

The Bait and Switch:
This episode began about 3 weeks ago when Il Postino tried to deliver a package to me while I wasn't home that needed a signature. Then he tried again 3 days later and left me a final notice. Which usually only comes after 3 attempts. The ingenious part of this plan though was switching the postal station were holding my package at for no apparent reason and no significant notification. This package was being hid at Madison's West side station, instead of the South side station which is both closer to my apartment and where I have always picked up my undelivered packages. Touché USPS, touché. You succeeded in returning my package to the sender before I could get to it, 1 point to you.

The Scavenger Hunt:
Today brought a new and exciting game to the mail delivery system. My mail (for apartment A) was delivered to Apt. C's mailbox. I got Apt. B's in my box, and I can only assume that Apt. B got C's mail (although I couldn't verify this due to a locked mailbox). I'm dying to know what ended up in Apt. AA! My postal game wasn't over yet though. I had been forewarned that I may be receiving an important package from Iowa City today, so I was on the lookout for it. Which is lucky because it was hiding on the 2nd floor landing, 2 stories above my apartment. Nice try Postman but I win this round.

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Alex said...

The postal worker is likely disgruntled.