A Public Service Announcement

Do you know who Amara Karan is? Why not?

Last week I watched The Darjeeling Limited for the first time. It was also the first time I came across Amara. She plays Rita, the train's stewardess. She wears glasses, and when no one's watching, smokes out the window.

A post-movie google turned up her one other acting credit, St. Trinian's (in theaters now! In the UK) and her Oxford University/investment banker background. In my mind she's sort of a British Sri Lankan version Natalie Portman*, which makes her really hot. I found a bootleg version of St. Trinian's and watched it all the way through. Don't do this, but do expect more Amara Karan in your life. Here's a little starter package:

*This might be due to Natalie Portman appearing in various states of undress in the little prologue thing, Hotel Chevalier. Now they're undressing is forever linked in my mind, which I'm pretty OK with.

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Tommy said...

she's like a cross between MIA and Rosario Dawson.