Eat This Cheese.

A wedge of this Ossau-Iraty called out to me on Christmas Eve. It was featured prominently on our First Annual Fromage Forage and quickly won my heart. I loved the Little Bloom on the Prairie, I adored the Keen's Cheddar, the smoked Gouda was pedestrian but welcome. The Ossau though... I'm still thinking about it. Did you hear that Bica? It's Ossau-Iraty knocking at your door. Did you know it was voted World's Best cheese 2006? And it may be one of the oldest of cheese varietals around? I doubt it, but that doesn't matter, eat it anyway.

[Are you getting a load of the rind on that thing?]


archivnoten said...

I'd like to remind you that we selected these based almost entirely on our instincts, and I don't think we could have done better if we'd tried, sometimes I underestimate our awesomeness. I'm still loving on that Little Bloom on the Prairie.

Alex said...