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Nun Clubs

I didn't put much stock into these when Joanna first mentioned them. Then I did some research.

This Nunclub is some type of quasi-religious social club, based in St. Catharines, Ontario that reached its apogee in late-2006. They organize events like these:
  • We will be meeting every other Sunday night, starting October 21st. One Sunday will be the study - the following nun nite will be a response to the study. The goal of the next few months will be transformation. This is not about learning more information, but about growth - in relationship to God, to each other & to our world.
  • I still want us all to have fun together - and I think that this will actually be a great experience for all of us to share...
I like that they're still hoping to have fun together, even during their transformation. Also, I found this drawing, which is almost funny, there.

If religious transformation isn't what you're about there's also the United Nun Club. This club is "all about promoting the Nun Pigeon and the hobby." Don't miss the photo section for some of your future club-mates. Is that what you thought pigeon enthusiasts would look like? Does that cute little Yellow Nun make you enthusiastic anyway? If so, this is the club for you. You should know that Nuns are not the showiest of pigeons though, as PigeonFarms.com shows us.

The Jacobin is officially my favorite breed of domesticated pigeon. If you're interested in purchasing one for your own enjoyment there are many opportunities to do so online, for instance jacobins4sale.com.


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Lucia said...

I would like to know how much a Jacobin is. So, I went to the site, but there are no prices, just accepting offers.
unfortunately I have no frame of reference.

on the other hand, I wouldn't buy from the guy anyhow as he never shows the bird's actual head/face. that is odd. perhaps profiles would still showcase feathers and allow some bird personality to come through?