Fan Mail

The Kee is always getting praise from its readers. Now it's my turn.

Last weekend Leslie was in Madison for roughly 20 hours. During that time I managed to drop enough overt references to the blog to get her interested. Claiming neophyte blog status, she requested the web address delivered to her blackberry. An email was promptly sent. It's still unclear if she's already riding the L Train, or if she's yet to get on board that one too.
Blog Appreciation: A+ (very appreciative. rated above favorite magazine & TV[!])
Initiative: BC (slightly above mediocre. requested email, but did so of own accord)
Random Variable: D (not random, should have been reading blog a long time ago)
Long Term Effects: AB (high likelihood of becoming regular reader, if she can figure out how to use computers)
Wabi-Sabi: A (this feels right)

Next up, Kelly, via Facebook:
As it turns out, Kelly is a relative of mine. Because everyone named Barnebey is a relative of mine, somehow. I had to draw a tree to get the connection clear in my head. We're 3rd cousins! (Yes, my grandfather's middle name was Thaine)

Blog Appreciation: A (hilarious, genius; both really good words)
Initiative: A+ (very high. independent googling of 'barnebey wisconsin')
Random Factor: A (despite [previously unknown] family relationship, completely outside existing circle of friends/acquaintances)
Long Term Effects: A (already demonstrating commitment with reference to both current and past posts)
Wabi-Sabi: A++ (chock full of unexpected internet magic; awesomeness)

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L said...

I'm pretty sure that she is not, in fact, riding the L Train. And I'm even more sure that she would not follow that link at all. Maybe I should post something about her as a test.