File it under TT825 D570.2 1974

Before we get to the sweatering, is anyone else listening to as much Kanye and Akon as I am right now? 808s and Freedom? Both are seeing some serious action by The Barnebey Collection's playcount department. On the female side, I can't really get enough Cyndi Lauper's Into the Night Life and Linda Ronstadt's Silver Threads and Golden Needles. They are lighting it up.

That brings us, and me, to the Linguistics Department reading room/library. Typical activities in this room include printing the semi-quarterly department newsletter (bottom left), reading scholarly journals (back center), lounging on small pieces of furniture (front center), putting the unabridged dictionary on high shelves (back right), and completing the Thursday NY Times crossword (bottom right).

Here is what I would look like while doing all those things, to a zombie wearing night vision glasses.

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