The Ws Christmas Spectacular

Upon arriving in Chicago, I walked over to meet Skoczen at her place of employ, The Lyric Opera. She libraries there. I learned to operate their comb-binder. Notice how my green sweater keeps my tie from impeding my work. It is both fashionable and functionable.

This was fun but we had errands to run and supplies to acquire. And who works on Christmas Eve anyway? Whole Foods was able to give us the opportunity to spend a lot of money on cheeses, alcohols, and the necessary ingredients for Celebratory Christmas Consommé, The Ws Famous Fiesta Bowl, and for tonight's as yet unnamed dinner. You should have been here. Joanna almost was.
[post-Consommé, pre-vodka]

After dinner we exchanged gifts. This was very European of us, but I was still wearing my tie, so it's ok. I got Skoczen David Byrne's book Your Action World. If anyone can ever explain what's happening in this book to me I will pay them at least $7.00.

[page 17: 'Jump Into Yourself']

I received a cocktail shaker in the form of a penguin! I've named him Clyde. Despite what it looks like, he will not pour your drink out his mouth for you. That would be classless. And Clyde is nothing if not classy (can you see his bowtie?).

As the night progressed we finished the champagne. Then the wine. Then a bottle of vodka. And tried to play 'Law & Order' the board game. This was challenging to say the least. We donned headgear. It still made no sense. So we took some photos. And that felt right.

On Christmas morning I woke up at 8:00 AM. Then I went back to bed. Around 10 I ventured out for some caffenine. This was the first time in my life that I had ever been out in the real world on Christmas day. There were so many non-Jews out! At Starbucks I purchased the largest container of coffee they would give me and received 2 compliments on my sweater.

After 2 large cups of coffee we opened presents. eBay Secret Santa is quickly becoming my favorite Santa. Look at how my muppet family is growing! [Not pictured: The Precious Puppy Pair paint by number watercolor set. Expect this to be featured at a later date.]

Wendy received a box full of cleaning supplies. She loves her half a bar of soap and face goop.
["Thanks Santa Joanna!"]
[Update: that wasn't from Joanna. We just thought it was for several confusing minutes. It's a good thing too, because a gift like that might not have earned her an invitation to next year's event.]

[Update #2: The 96 oz. of coffee are almost gone. I am not myself.]

Are you excited to see our Christmas Sweater Thursday post?

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Alex said...

Ah yes - Xmas day - the day of movies and Chinese food. They should rename it Jewbilee!