What a nice weekend...

You know, I had a really good time this weekend. It was a little unexpected and so I'm going to tell you what happened.

Saturday started off with MILC, the Madison Informal Linguistics Colloquium. This is the annual Linguistics (and German) department's evening socialization event. It involves people making up fake abstracts to fake papers and then drinking a good amount of wine, beer, and punch. This would be fun if it wasn't with the Linguistics and German Departments, but it is. Anyway, this year was actually enjoyable. Conversation ranged from the stupidity of our 101 students, to mustache rides, muff divers, and finally if the punch should actually be referred to as WOP. Or if that was only a derogatory name for Italo-Americans. And then of course someone had to ask if the two uses were derivationally related. No one likes that kid. After a quick trip to see a professor playing in a rock band, it was on to the pajama party.

After a quick Clark Kent move in Tommy's room, I was in my galabeya and making wild assertions about my Flip Cup skillz. This led to a rousing game of the Flizzy Cizzy in the Creepy Attic. During one celebratory dance I lifted someone into the rafters. Don't worry, she did not crack her head open. At 4:00 AM I had an 80 min. conversation with Gabby.

I was going to talk about Sunday also. Now it's Tuesday though and I think the moment has passed. I did see a homemade pinata get cracked open by a Jimmy crutch and then spill its contents of tampons and disposable razors though.

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