Screw you William Kristol. I get it that you're supposed to be the Right Wing Guy at the Times, the Anit-Dowd if you will. You get paid to bait liberals just like she gets paid to make up insulting names for conservatives. And you're great at it, even while passive-aggressively electioneering for one of the Democratic candidates. So thank you William for continuing to embiggen the political debate with little gems like this:

But we also see the liberal media failing to give Hillary Clinton the respect she deserves. So, since we conservatives believe in giving credit where credit is due, it falls to us to praise Hillary.



Alex said...

I've spoken with Bill Kristol a few times as his daughter and I were in many of the same classes in high school. We even did some class projects at his place. I can testify that he is rather full of himself, and I get the feel that he'd rather write something incendiary, than something he believes in.

Alex said...

Also, embiggen is not a word. Nice try W.

wb said...

Embiggen is a perfectly cromulent word Alex.

Alex said...