I think I do a fair amount of flying in my life. Certainly not Epic amounts, but enough so that I'm quite confident in my flight planning/ticket buying skillz. There was of course the small AM vs. PM mistake back on New Year's 2006, but that was a fluke. At least I'd like to think so.

I got a text from my brother this afternoon asking if I was going to be back in Philly for Slav Saturday, currently scheduled for May 18th. There are 3 things you need to know about this statement:
1. Slav Saturday is the latest E(thnic) E(ating) E(vent) planned for the B(arnebey) B(eer) G(arden) & G(rille), i.e. The B2G2 or my parents side yard.
2. There is a Barnebey Brothers & Friends Memorial Day Weekend retreat planned, over Memorial Day Weekend, for which I will be returning to Philadelphia.
3. May 18th is a Sunday, not a Saturday.

May 18th seemed really early to me. Weeks before Memorial Day Weekend even. Because that's always the last weekend in May... Except really, it's the last Monday in May. And that means it's on the 26th this year, not the 2nd of June. A fact I did not correctly account for when I booked a flight for May 28th.

In my defense, I had rectified this situation within 10 minutes of it being brought to my attention.

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burgler said...

So, someone has theoretically handled the AM/PM dichotomy? Really? What is the difference between 8am and 2:30pm then sir?

Not that I'm complaining, since it's 2:41am and I'm spinnakered, a situation that would prove impossible if you hadn't had this confusion.