(Woven) Ticket to Ride

In homage to the snow being gone, and the old guy at the bike shop that hammered my chainring back into shape, I present a sweater on a bike:

This is a great sweater for a cool spring day or a cool summer night. Unfortunately I seem to be running low on spring sweaters just as they become ever more important to the future of Sweater Thursday. I realize now that there was not nearly enough forethought put into my sweater lineup through out the winter months. Now I'm left with a pile of heavy winter sweaters that I haven't worn yet, and steadily rising temperatures. This could prove to be my downfall yet.


DarcyM said...

Your mustache really brings something to this picture. I am not exactly sure what it is... maybe a molester quality.

wb said...

awww, thanks Darc

Jobonga said...

We are in the same boat. I think we are just going to have to wear wool turtlenecks in June. For the sake of ST.