You stay classy, Rochester.

In response to an article in TIME™ about Ben Stein's new pro-Intelligent Design movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed:

If you accept the theory of evolution, you accept that our genetic makeup, physical appearance and brain capacity are all related to our endeavor to survive and reproduce. Plants did not need legs to survive, and fish did not need hands. Humans, on the other hand, have a sophisticated brain that far exceeds what they need to survive and reproduce. I would like to see scientists research the brain capacity that various species need. If humans alone have evolved with capacities that far exceed what they essentially need, then intelligent design needs to be part of the story for us humans.
-Allen A. Platt, ROCHESTER, N.Y.

No matter how often I see and hear this shit it still pisses me off. What, is there some perfect evolutionary balance point where an organism can just barely survive, but not thrive, that humans have violated? Umm, its called survival of the fittest, not survival of the mediocre, for a reason assbutt.


Alex said...

I can't believe we are surrounded by such Luddites! If anything, Homo Sapiens brain capacity is the ultimate proof of evolution.

Look at the Neanderthals, and all the other off-shoots in the "family tree" that didn't make it. The brain capacity is the main differentiator between us, and the other "relatives" that either didn't cut it when the environment changed and they couldn't figure out how to adapt, or we outsmarted (and probably killed off).

tommy said...

Evidence we have NOT evolved:
Harry Hamlin
Dancing With the Stars
Sean William Scott