1. I can play, to one degree or another, the following instruments: bassoon, violin, tuba, flute, harp, recorder, saxophone, bass guitar, clarinet, and oboe. Also, I was in a band in high school. We called ourselves Emanon

2. My first bike was a dark purple Huffy, known around the neighborhood as the Purple Piss Pot.

3. I own 46 pairs of pants (2 are in a pile of clothes to get rid of, so soon it will be 44).

4. Earwigs are the only animal that really freak me out. I just did an image search for them. I wish I hadn't. OK, snakes that can swim freak me out also. Land snakes are fine.

5. I've had a thing for subway systems ever since I started taking SEPTA to school in the 5th grade. In 6th grade I decided I wanted to see every station on the line I took to and from school. So one day I got on the local, rode to one end of the line, then rode to the other end of the line, then back to my normal stop. And then still had to wait for a bus to get me home. I didn't get there until close to 9:00. My parents were upset with me.

6. I'm unsure whether I love my watch-tan so much because I can't stand not wearing a watch, or I always have to wear a watch because I love my watch-tan so much.

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