Lazy Scrabble

Breakfast this morning was partaken at Lazy Jane's on Willy Street. Tommy drove Martin, Deji, and I over to Hippy-town, Brad wore a santa hat, and an impromptu Scrabble game broke out. You may take issue with some of the words played; UO is certainly not in the Official Scrabble Dictionary and neither is TROL. Whatever, it was only Breakfast-Scrabble.
Not After-Dinner-Scrabble. And we needed to keep things moving. More to the point, I'm currently addicted to Scrabulous. Specifically, the Facebook incarnation of Scrabulous. [If you don't know what this is, you should figure it out. And then start a game with me. I'll probably win, but you'll have a good time anyway.] I'm currently playing 6 games, one of them with my alternate Rochester personality, and have begun compulsively checking to see if it's my turn to play yet. And when it's not my turn I am compulsively planning my next move. It has sapped what little productivity I used to have when at the Hmong Lab. HMONG, by the way, is not a valid Scrabble word. SMAZE is though, being a combination of smoke and haze. I recently came upon that curiosity while trying to make MAZE into a 5 letter word. It worked, and scored me 75 points. Which just goes to show, no matter how much I complain about people using arcane Scrabble vocabulary like AA, ZA, WEND, or JO, I'm clearly not above using it for my own personal gain.


tommy said...

"You know someone's going to be lazy and add an "e" to "on".

Don't judge me.

Lucia said...

I am addicted to Scrabulous as well! Why won't Alex play his turn????

DarcyM said...

Why aren't you two playing scrabulous with me?

Alex said...

I have shunned Facebook applications until further notice.

I am still in my own reality trying to live the days of Facebook classic.