Saturday Socks

Today's Saturday Socks was easy, both the socks and the socking were obvious. 1st, the socks. I did laundry yesterday so I had a lot to choose from but these were sitting right on top of the sock draw, making them the obvious choice. 2nd, the socking. This story begins at Ian's Pizza late last night, from which we called a cab. 5 minutes later a cab rolls up. 2 people get into our cab. We say "hey, that's our cab". They say "no, it's not." So we all get in. [The fact that we let them share our cab was most likely a direct result of Katie feeling like she was in karma's debt due to an overly accommodating bus driver earlier in the evening] Katie and I are nice people, so we attempt to engage in pleasant banter with our cab-mates. The male half of the couple is a complete loser. He says nothing. He also may have been holding something on his lap. Possibly a pie. The female half is more talkative. And by talkative I mean, annoying. Our banter quickly escalates to mild disagreement. Voices are raised. She questions my directional sense. Words were said. Katie likens her voice to fingernails on a chalkboard and thinks about asking for a discounted fare, having had to put up with her for the whole trip. At some point someone makes me lose my cellphone. Karma is satiated. Upon exiting the cab we hear: "good riddance..."

I would like to sock that girl.

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