Sock Muppets

Today Rizzo and I had a quick photo shoot. I kicked him, and he loved it. Please disregard the boxers lying on the floor, I haven't really unpacked from Thanksgiving yet.

These socks were a game-time decision that I feel pretty good about. When Ansley arrived at 10:00 to take us to breakfast I was still in bed and still a little drunk. Luckily these brown argyles were right on top of the sock drawer. Sophisticated and stylish, just like me.

RE: who I want to sock today. I'm conflicted, but I've narrowed it down to two possibilities: either people who like going to The Cardinal, or myself for going with them. I hate that place. I expect Rosemblat will have something to say about this.

Yes, this happened last night.


Joanna said...

I hope someone saw the photo shoot through your window. And I think you should take Rizzo sledding. He's got a coat on and everything.

tommy said...

I agree. No more Dirty Bird. Any place that has had people frequently pass out in the bathroom overnight, is not the kind of place I want to be associated with. And I'm obviously not judicious with my choice of associations. (i.e. Brad's dirty fu manchu, and Howard's dirty omega.)

DarcyM said...

you and your friends are disgustingly hip.

Alex said...

I'm still in disbelief that your possibly argyled foot may have stepped foot into the Bird. I bet you had an awesome time, and just don't want to eat crow.

tommy said...

nobody had a good time at the Dirty Bird. That is not its purpose. It exists only to supply shelter for degenerates, dirty Latin guys and those seeking virus-inducing threesomes.