Sock it to Me

Today's Saturday Socks is brought to you by American Consumers everywhere. Last Friday Darcy and I went shopping. The goal was to hit the hip, trendy, too-cool-for-school establishments sprouting up in the 6th Borough. As such we spent the day wandering around Northern Liberties, NoGo, Queens Village, and Rittenhouse Square. At the end of it, all I had was two pairs of socks. This is one of them. And I don't even know what animal that is on them. Do you?

Today I would like to sock Andy Hanson, as played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. Tommy and I went to see this tonight. We almost died several times because of the snow/sleet action going down in Madison right now, but it was worth it. And as a bonus we got to see Marisa Tomei's boobs, which I highly recommend. More to the point, Andy/Hoffman is a douche. He ruins his life, then ruins his family's, and then to top it off he ruins some peoples' lives who he doesn't even know. Oh, and you have see him doing the nasty with Marisa. Which I do not recommend.

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tommy said...

Howard didn't mention it, but the movie is fucking great. Go see it. 10/10.