Umm, ok, I guess.

So I guess I've committed myself to this pyramid scheme by commenting here. Which means gentle readers:

I hereby pledge to send a handmade gift to the first three people who comment on this entry. No real promises about time frame, but it’ll be within the next 365 days. In return, you have to post the same offer on your blog, and prepare to send a gift to three other people.
What you get may not be pretty (it won't), or useful (unlikely), but by god will it be interesting.

In conclusion, I have two concerns about this whole affair:
1. I'm only doing this because a) in considering the realm of handmade gifts I might get from Lucia I like my options (has she figured out how to make her own liquor yet?) and b) I was the first person to comment, so I felt like I was winning something.
2. doesn't doing this only because I have to nullify the whole pay-it-forward spirit anyway, sort of like mandatory volunteerism?


Jobonga said...

Woooooo! I want you to put love into mine. Maybe something woven from your chest hairs.

Jobonga said...

Will this get me a second present? I wanted to say that I saw a commercial for ebay at the bar tonight that said, I think, it's not about getting me a present, it's about getting me. And that made me feel warm and fuzzy about our secret santa and my friends and all the money I dumped into my bids.

DarcyM said...

There are enough chest hairs to make.... nothing. I think Whitney should try to combine back and chest and maybe make the hair for an apple doll. That would be dreamy. And disgusting. I would like a candle made from melted crayons poured into a milk carton please.

Alex said...

Agree with Darcy - funny we've never met. Whitdawg doesn't have many chesthairs, definitely not enough to make anything of substance.

And Joanna, aside from our scrabulous tiff, you are the narcissist extraordinaire. That's right, I'm laying it down.

wb said...

It might be possible that I have more back hairs than chest hairs; I don't know, I can't see them back there. I would estimate the combined total somewhere around 10. And Alex is right, 10 hairs a present do not make.

Also, I don't think you get to dictate what I make for you. I will take your crayon idea under advisement though.

Jobonga said...

Woah. You are calling me a narcissist on Whitney's blog. Mind blown. Though I really don't understand where this is coming from. Please expound.

I know Whitney has no chest hairs. I just like to remind him.

The Moderatilist said...

you owe me something homemade. use your pubes... i don't mind.